3 Feb

quit smoking, smokingIsn't Your Life Worth It?

There are different kinds of gifts. But none is as valuable as the gift of Life itself.

When you are born, you come to life. But when you smoke cigarettes and you quit smoking, you literally regain your life back, and your body knows how to thank you for doing that.

Have you wondered what will happen to you after giving up cigarette smoking?

Scientific studies on people who regularly smoked about a pack a day, have shown the following progressive effects of quitting smoking:

After 20 minutes:

Smoking always results in high blood pressure, which is harmful for the heart as it increases heart attack risk. But the minute you give up this habit, the risk minimizes and eventually, the blood pressure rate becomes normal.

After 10 hours:

The level of carbon monoxide becomes half after 10 hours of giving up smoking. It is one of the major pollutants that produce ill effects on cognitive skills and health. Oxygen is one of the most vital substances necessary for survival. High level of carbon monoxide decreases intake of blood from lungs generating serious problems.

You will increase your energy levels by smoothing the passage of oxygen as you lessen the level of carbon monoxide in your blood stream by quitting smoking.

After 24 hours:

Willpower boosts and exercise and performance fatigue decreases after 24 hours of quitting. You will feel a sensation of joy wellbeing and accomplishment.

After 48 hours:

Two whole days without a cigarette is the best proof that you can quit. If you did it for 48 hours, you can do it forever. For most people this is invigorating and empowering. However, since the body is starting to detoxify, you might experience some minor side effects such as headache and phlegm. Don’t be discouraged if it happens to you.  It means that your self defense mechanism is working perfectly.

After 2 weeks:

You are free from the bad smell, expense, and heaviness of smoking.

Your senses of smell and taste have improved. Your body is very happy about your decision to quit smoking.

Your blood circulation increases and the lung function improves, so it becomes easier to walk and exercise,

After 1 year:

According to the studies conducted in U.K, smoking results in around 20,000 deaths due to cardiovascular diseases. Quitting smoking for 1 year reduces the risk of heart attack to half.

Your skin tissue is regenerating faster than before improving your personal appearance. Your teeth are whiter, your fingers and nails stains are gone,

You already have more years to enjoy this beautiful life plus you have saved a lot of money in the process.

After 5 years:

The risk of stroke, as well as the risk of lung, mouth, throat and esophagus cancer is decreased by half.

After 10 years:

All the above benefits have increased, reducing all the risks involved with cigarette smoking. Additionally, all the precancerous cells have been replaced.

Cilia grows again in lungs, increasing ability to handle mucus, clean the lungs, and reduce infection.

After 15 years:


At this point, the risks of disease are the same as those of a non-smoker. YOU ARE FINALLY SMOKE-FREE.

Yes, it takes a while to get rid of the deadly, stinky poison. But as they say:” It’s better later than never”



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