8 Feb


1. Do you like to feel sexy?

2.  Do you like to look good?

4. Do you wear clothes that help you look good?

5. Do you like to smell good?

6. Do you wear any kind of perfume or cologne?

7. Do you regularly brush your teeth?

8. Do you like to taste good?

9. 10. Do you care about your health?

11. Do you care about what you eat?

12. Do you exercise?

13. Do you love your family?

14. Do you want to quit smoking?

If you smoke cigarettes and you answered yes to at least five (5) of these questions, I’m sorry to tell you that you need to reconsider your choices, because you are not doing it right.

You either care for yourself or you don’t. Caring for your self and committing suicide at the same time is kind of contradicting in itself.  So I recommend that you make up your mind and decide whether you care for yourself and for the people around you or not.

In case you decide you want to make up your mind, and trully care for yourself, I suggest you check out Quit Smoking, Smoking© . It’s a powerful guide that will help you organize your mind about your personal addiction, and contradiction, so that you dare do what’s best for you.



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