8 Feb

Just Because…

Do you want to quit and you think you can’t?

Are you worried because you are slowly killing yourself and you don’t know how to do otherwise?

Are you tired of  the addiction that controls you life?

All you need is to think a little bit about who you are.

Even though I don’t personally know you, I can tell you at least three powerful reasons you have to celebrate Life:

1. You are here: Alive!!!

Be grateful for who you are. You are going on a boat through the trip called life.

Never allow yourself to feel guilty for what you have done so far…

It doesn’t matter where you have been, what you have done, or what you have or don’t have.

It is a miracle that you exist just as you are.

The magic of life is moving around you, through you, in you. Every cell and every thought are magnificent examples of that.

Trillions of infinitesimal, conscious, smart, dynamic particles are working 24/7 for you to exist, and think, and create, and love, and feel, and be.

It doesn’t matter what the news say or what is happening outside, just breathe deeply and be happy because You Are Alive.

Celebrate your life: Quit Smoking, Smoking©

2. You are Powerful

What you have now in your life is exactly what you need.  If you think about it, your life is perfect as it is.


You have in your mind the power to change what you don’t want: habits, addictions, emotions, behaviors,  You can say goodbye to anything you don’t want.

Every aspect of your life is perfectly designed to help you learn the lesson you need at that moment in time.

Once you accept that fact, you can do with your life whatever you desire.

You can do nothing if you want… or, you can go as far and as high as you decide.

It’s your choice.

That is freedom.

You are free to live in any way you want.

Use your power to quit at http://happilyfree.com/qss

3. You are Smart:

You wouldn’t want to change your bad habit, if it were otherwise.

Celebrate that you are willing to act and to take responsibility for your life.

In order to change what you don’t want, all you have to do is to accept the amazing power of your mind and recognize that your happiness is always in your hands.

Ready to act?

Quit Smoking, Smoking© is the easiest, simplest, most effective way to definitely stop your bad habit.


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