9 Feb

Do you want it?

it’s nasty, disgusting, filthy, smelly and poisonous.

It tastes terrible and it will burn your throat making you cough, leaving you with a burning sensation and a terrible flavor for hours after you first try it…

Do you still want to try it?

You will stink when you use it!!!

Your mouth, your skin, your hair, your clothes, your underware, your house, your car, your telephone, everything about you will smell just terrible. People will turn away their head and will stop inhaling when you enter into a closed space with them.

Eventually,  your lungs will be black, your teeth, fingers and nails will turn yellow, and your skin will have a greenish gray overtone.

Ahhh… one more thing: You will be addicted. It will dominate your mood and most of your life. It will lessen your willpower, enslave you and make you miserable when you don’t have it.

With miserable I mean moody, grouchy, explosive, anxious, sweaty and irritable.

Another little thing: With regular use of it, you, and the people around you, will either get very sick early in life and will suffer a lot, or… will die sooner than expected.

Still want it?

All these facts are common knowledge.

Most people know that cigarettes kill, and everything else, before they try them.

Oddly enough, according to the World Health Organization:

  • More than 100,000 people in the world, mostly teens, try it everyday
  • About 50% of them will smoke for at least 15 or 20 years
  • Smoking related diseases cause 1 out of 10 deaths worldwide.
  • 10 million cigarettes are sold every minute in the world

Clearly, cigarette addiction is the doorway of misery and death for millions of people all over the world.

What is the main reason for this nonsense?

Why do we, “The smartest species on this planet,” allow this madness to happen?

Why do governments allow this lethal weapon to be produced and heavily advertised worldwide?

Through advertising, tobacco firms try to link smoking with athletic prowess, sexual attractiveness, success, adult sophistication, adventure and self-fulfillment”

Tobacco producing companies have used advertising far too efficiently. They know that teens are heavily influenced by psychologically studied campaigns, so they target then without mercy.

it is easy to blame the government, as well as the greedy cigarette manufacturing, distributing and advertising companies for this genocide. However, the fact that the young people pick up this nasty, deadly habit so eagerly lies on a very different cause: Values.

In a society where movie stars are worshipped and revered, and scientists are hardly mentioned in the news, and practically unknown by most people, is really no surprise that the history goes as it does.

The real cause of teenager’s smoking cigarette is an education where kids are not taught to love, value and respect themselves.

They are not taught about the importance of following their heart and the sacredness of Life. They are all engaged in a system that entertains them all the time, so that they don’t have time to think and use their own mind.

If we want a healthier society where our kids don’t fall in the advertising traps of the greedy tobacco companies, we need to teach them to love, value and respect themselves enough, so that their choices reflect their values and instead of poisoning themselves, they choose life and health.

If you smoke, or someone you care about does, I invite you to check out QUIT SMOKING, SMOKING© where you will find the perfect guide to easily help you say goodbye to cigarettes forever.


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