My name is Martha Estrada and I’m very happy you are here.

In my blog I want to inspire  you to love and respect yourself so that you feel from the bottom of your heart the desire to breathe fresh, clean oxigenated air, just as you did when you were a child.

I believe in the miracle of life, and in the inner power that lays in our heart and mind as the magnificent human beings we are .

Mystics and sages from all times and cultures have told us what science is discovering n0w: We are the greatest miracle there is. We are powerful creatures with the hability to create our life in any way we want.

When we don’t know that, we are careless and disrespectful of our lives. I know how it is. I was there for a long time.

However, when we realize the true value of life, it comes naturally to love ourselves and to reagain the power that we originally had.

Do you think that you would even consider ligthing up a cigarette if you knew the real value of your life?

Not even in your mind!!!

When you value and respect your life, you recognize the simple fact that your life is totally dependant on the air you breathe.


Is that “insignificant”, irreflexive act which allows you to be here reading this page and making plans for the years ahead.

My invitation for you is to come and think with me about cigarette addiction so that from the  very center of your heart, you make the most important decision of your life: TO EASILY QUIT SMOKING FOREVER.

A New Earth  full of loving, healthy, happy people is waking up and is waiting for you to be part of the totally new game that we are starting to play now.




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